The unusual gift of two sisters to their dog’s 13th birthday

A small and lovely dog, who has become their little brother

Many people consider their dogs as their family members, who has their own holidays and special occasions. Recently two sisters named Pamella and Ollivia considered to graduate their dog named Yoga, who celebrated it’s 13th birthday. This was a very unique choice.

The sisters described talking to him is like talking to an amusing and loving younger brother. Although the dog really couldn’t graduate from college, his owner Ollivia took some amazing photos of the graduate in robes and caps.

“My sister Ollivia considered to capture the new graduate Yoga. And when no one was at home she replaced one of our childhood pictures for an amusing new photo of Yoga.

Yoga really deserves a special place alongside her sisters as she looked cute in the photos. Ollivia spent many hours photoshopping Yoga’s picture. And clearly they liked their work.

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