The unusual collection of a dog, which he showed to his father

All dogs’ favourite activity is gathering sticks

Although collecting things is a well known habit, it isn’t an easy task. Even if it’s sticks gathered by a golden retriever named Burka. His owner told, that this line of gatherings has a long history.

“Burka first started collecting sticks, when our neighbourhood was covered in snow. After the snowfall he wasn’t able to find his favourite stick. He tried to find it by looking through everything.”

It’s not unusual for dogs to gather sticks, but what canine on four legs doesn’t want to run after a piece of wood? Burka showed off about 60 of them! No matter they’re long, short, even or crooked, they’re all different.

The dog must explain what each one denotes.

When the snow was melting, Burka was able to find his beloved stick, but he decided to continue gathering sticks as not to take chances any more.

When the dog’s owner posted this photo on the Internet it immediately became popular gaining almost 150000 views and likes.

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