The sweet dog, who liked to hug its pregnant owner’s tummy

Dogs can feel it, when their owners are pregnant 

Although there are many amazing photos of dogs on the Internet, it’s still amazing how quickly they learn new skills and understand what’s going on.

And one such dog is named Pennie, who lives in Brazil with Julia and her family. Little Pennie seemed to know everything happening, although her owner Julia is still 35 weeks pregnant.

Recently Pennie has become more loving with Julia. Pennie showed her emotions when the pregnant woman sat on the sofa, as captured in the video. She approached to the modest nursery and took a seat next to the crib.

“She always loved a lot of attention and love, but with me it has become more noticeable.” But Pennie wasn’t the only one, who considers the situation happy. After sharing her video on the Internet Julia received a lot of feedback. As it was clear dogs knew everything about their surroundings. Dogs can feel it, when their owners are pregnant.

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