The pregnant cat trusted the woman and brought her kittens to her

A sweet relationships between a pregnant cat and a volunteer, who fed her

Vanessa lives in New York and also volunteers at the animal rights activists. She fed a homeless cat and all pf a sudden she came to live with her on her own desire.

Vanessa told: “I started joking, that there’s somewhere an advertisement showing my house, that only cats can read.”

A cat with different colours came to the woman’s front door and asked for food.

She was frightened and shy and didn’t allow Vanessa approach her and ate just when she was alone.

Vanessa saw, that the cat was pregnant. And then on September 1st the cat didn’t come to the porch at normal feeding time.

She came back the next day, but without her round stomach. It was clear, that the cat gave birth somewhere else and the cold season was near.

Vanessa started feeding her three times a day and after almost a week the cat started to trust her as she wasn’t frightened of her.

“One day when she was eating I touched her and she started to trust me from that day.”

Then the woman followed the cat and discovered her kittens between the fence and old tires.

It was clear, that the cat leaves her babies only to go to Vanessa and get fed. The other time she spent with her babies, washing, feeding and warming them.

Vanessa and the cat befriended stronger and stronger by each passing day. The cat started to come to the house’s front entrance waiting for food.

And when the babies got older the cat started to hide them making Vanessa take actions. She found a new hiding place and came with a large carrier, that suited the whole family.

“The cat had a high level of trust to me and believed, that I wished the kittens well. The next morning they were happy at her residence.

The fluffy family will now live a haply and comfortable life with dining on regular bases. And only when the kittens get older Vanessa will give them to trustful hands and the cat mother will also suffer the same fate.

Just look how happy they are!

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