The poor pregnant cat was found just in time, before giving birth

The mother cat was overjoyed with her children and didn’t go away from them even for a minute 

The cute cat walked in the streets of Canada for months.

Nobody paid attention to the poor animal. And finally one day a kind woman saw, that the cat had a rounded belly and understood she needed to be transported to a safer place as soon as possible.

Cindy immediately went to help the pregnant cat when she was able to make contact with her. The cat was used to interacting with people and she asked for care and attention.

Cindy took her to the local animal care organisation. “She was happy to be cared for, so she happily allowed the woman take her in her arms and bring her to us.”

Her named was Melba.

The lively kitty was approximately a year old and she was having contractions.

One of the volunteers of the animal care organisation named Stephanie decided to foster her, so that she could give birth in cozy conditions.

Stephanie found out Melba was giving birth a few days later when she woke up.

“Melba was a little nervous, meowed a lot and asked her owner to stay by her side. Stephanie stayed with her. And with the help of a lady Melba gave birth to four babies.”

And all of them were boys named Alphonse, Edgar, Anatole and Napoleon.

“Melba remained in bed all day long helping her children. She is an amazing mother.”

Now the kittens are already two weeks old and feeling well at the foster owner’s home. The babies are already with open eyes.

“Melba is really cute. She shows absolute loyalty in her adoptive mother, letting her to touch the babies and also help her.”

Celine told: “Just imagine, she was taken from the streets just before giving birth.”

All of her kittens are now fat and healthy. Mother Melba is overjoyed with her children.

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