The pit bull, who was saved and given the life he deserves, became a caring mother for a tiny creature

Such a cute bond between these unlike animals!

It’s not a secret that dogs are considered loyal and friendly animals, and they are so kind and caring not only towards their humans, but also towards other creatures.

Our today’s hero, a cute pit bull named Everly, proves this showing how kind and caring he is towards a tiny squirrel he met while walking.

Everly had a rough life and suffered a lot after being abandoned by his previous owners, but fortunately, Lia, a kindhearted woman, saved him and her big love and care completely changed Everly’s life.

Recently, when Everly was walking with his beloved owner, noticed a helpless squirrel alone in a wooded area. The dog approached it to know what it was and after finding out that the poor creature was harmless, Everly befriended with it.

Lia began searching for the squirrel’s nest and mother, but useless. So she decided to take the cutie home thinking that he couldn’t survive alone. Everly was so caring towards his new friend and didn’t leave his side. He considered the squirrel as his own baby giving him much love and care.

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