The old dog has some trouble climbing stairs, so his owner did something exciting

What a loving owner!

Spike is a cute and friendly dog, who is already 14 years old and has some difficulty climbing the stairs, but his beloved owner solved this problem in an amazing way.

The owners adopted Spike when he was just five years old after they had lost their previous dog. Spike had many other families, but no one wanted to continue keeping him and the reason is unknown, because he is really very cute and friendly.

The poor animal is now old enough and cannot do many things that he did before. Even he cannot climb the stairs and reach his owners’ room which is in the second floor. So his daddy began to sleep with him on the couch on the first floor. The man knows that he mostly needs to get cuddles from his humans and for this he makes his bed next to the lovely dog.

It’s very exciting to see that the owner is ready to do crazy things for his beloved animal and provide him with much love and care.

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