The new worker of the neighbouring post office seemed to enjoy his job

A popular dog in the neighbourhood, who adored his job

All the post offices has postmasters. Some time later after his appointment, a guy hired his own dog named Jules. The dog began going with his owner to work, where he sat down next to the computer.

Locals used post office nor only for mailing and receiving mails. You can communicate with neighbours, discuss problems and learned the latest news there. People started to come and sat hello to the sociable and sweet dog. Jules is working in the post office. Not every tourist requires the assistance, but those who do are really adored.

And also customers seemed to like the assistance and thought. Jules appeared to work hard. Many people bring food and dog treats when they come to the office.

Every visitor comes and hugs and pats the dog on the back. Jules is very popular in the neighbourhood. All of the residents are familiar with him and recognised him. And also he waves his tail to welcome people.

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