The mother always knows what’s the best for her babies

The kind hearted mother cat, that took care of her babies very well

This saying is also true for animals.

A homeless cat named Ally decided to take her kittens to the safety.

The mother cat and her babies were waiting at the window of a house to be seen by the residents.

And when the resident saw them she called the cat rescue for assistance. The rescue came to catch the family and take them to a safer place. But they soon understood, that Mama Ally was pregnant.

The founder of the rescue Sarah Kelly decided to take the cat to a nice place, where she could spend her final trimester.

And when Mama Ally came to the place she showed gratitude to her new owners.

“When she arrived to her new home she immediately demanded snuggles and hugs. She adores to cuddle on her new mother’s Monica’s lap, arm and anywhere she can get the closest snuggles! If she has left the house,

she will spend the day sleeping on her shoes or somewhere that smells like her. She likes being among people and getting attention.”

The time went by and the Mama Ally once again showed that she is the Mother of the Year.

Kelly told, that she was has the sweetest heart. “She showed what a kind heart she has by taking care of her elder kittens in the street for such a long time. She also gave birth to five cuties and has devoted herself to care for them as if she were the finest mother in the world!”

Mama Ally’s elder kittens have all been adopted and now it’s time for her and her five kittens to find a home.

“Mama Ally is feeling well receiving love and care from her foster. We are happy for the family, that got the second chance and deserved the brightest future.”

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