The man decided to have a nice trip, not expecting two creatures to make it much more fantastic

A fateful meeting!

With Jody’s office closed for the holidays, he used these days to take a nice trip out of the town, not expecting to find fantastic companions along the way.

He found two abandoned puppies on the road and discovered that the cuties needed support. He couldn’t leave them alone and decided take them to the nearest vet clinic.

After being sure that they didn’t have health problems, Jody decided to take them with him. Can you imagine how amazing journey they had together?

Jody named them Silky and Zilo and they became his inseparable friends. The beauties had an excellent trip with their beloved human. After it, Jody took them home and they became one beautiful family.

The man wanted to have a rest alone, but after that fateful meeting, he got new loyal companions. That’s wonderful!

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