The litter of kittens with a good luck. They were saved just in time

The most important thing for the babies is mother’s love

An animal rights activist named Brenda Ortiz received a report about a litter of cats, that had been leftover in the South Central neighbourhood.

A caring woman from the neighbourhood heard meowing and found four kittens in a waste bag in an alley. “She took them inside, fed and gave water to them. They were thirsty and malnourished.” told Brenda.

Brenda raised a commotion among animal rights activists and an organisation, that fights against animal euthanasia immediately wanted to take the kittens in.

“When we saw the footage we understood we must do something. Many volunteers offered to take them to a safer area.”

The kittens have been examined, given a lot of food and warm, comfortable place to relax. They were dehydrated and also two of them needed immediate care 24 hours a day.

All four kittens got well over the following several days, gaining weight and strength.

Rescuers continued their search for mother cat . They immediately called the local shelter after knowing, that she had been caught with other kittens by the trapping service. Unfortunately two of the kittens weren’t able to survive, but the mother cat and the last kitten were rescued.

“The last surviving kitten was named Miracle and his mother was named Fortuna.”

The mother and her son were taken to overexposure and the remaining four kittens immediately recognised their natural smell.

They went to their mother and rushed to the milk stand. The mother quickly recognised her babies and started to care for them. She was overjoyed, that they had returned to her.

“It’s amazing to see them all together. Everyone is happy, that the kittens had the opportunity to meet their mother and brother.” told the rescuers.

“To stand still they all need a lot of care and attention. But they also can be adopted when they recovered.”

The kittens blossomed with the return of their mother. Mother’s love is the most important thing for babies.

“We are overjoyed, that everything ended in this way and many people helped in this.”

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