The intelligent kitten, who wants to be hugged all the time

A cat, that needed a lot of attention and love

A hurt red kitten was discovered on the street of Massachusetts and taken to the vet. It turned out, that the kitten had an injury on its back and also didn’t straighten its neck after being attacked by another animal.

Although having gone through such a lot of difficulties the cat was still courageous. He needed a lot of attention to recover. And the founder of an animal sanctuary Tara Kay considered to take him up. “We have many cases and animals with head trauma. He only weighed 225 grams at four weeks.” told Tara.

No matter all of the happening the cat named Murphy seemed to be happy. He was active and in search of love and anytime he was taken he started to purr.

“He has a trended head, but his eyes are clear and his vision was fine.”

Tara even started to feed him with a syringe on a schedule and she also took him to work at night. The kitten got a lot of attention.

Murphy was very affectionate from the start. He asked about being carried in a towel and given pencils. He wanted to receive attention from everyone he met and consumed it willingly.

The kitten started to develop weight and strength. And when his injury was completed recovered, he became even more active and confident in his actions.

Murphy had a big will to survive despite his small size. After achieving balance he started to consider himself as a person.

“He is very smart and has an amazing personality. He likes to purr all the time and be lifted up and held.”

The kitten became curious and playful. He has a really good appetite and he started to grow rapidly.

Maybe a little head tilt will stay with him for his life, but this won’t disturb him from doing everything as other cats do and enjoying life.

Murphy was a real superstar at the vet. He makes everyone in love.

The vet named Edita came to meet him and was charmed by his beauty. The kitten went to her and started to purr.

He cuddled up in her arms and seemed he had finally found his loving owner. Edita was overjoyed.

“She didn’t come here to receive a cat, but I think he made her fell in love. He is extraordinary, unusual and different. If you see him, you can’t resist adoring him.” Tara told.

The cutie has grown a lot after his adoption.

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