The heartbreaking reunion between a soldier and his beloved dog

Sweetness overload. The military dog reunited with her beloved owner

The reunion of a soldier with his beloved dog after he had served overseas is really heartbreaking.

The stewardess made the touching reunion possible and happily witnesses were able to capture it on a video, giving us the opportunity to look at that touching moment.

Hailey is a very clever dog, who has served in Afghanistan many times. And a soldier, who trained her was named Tomas. And these two became absolutely connected.

The dog was always guarding the soldier and his teammates. So the young man decided to thank the dog when it was the right time. Like every military dog, Hailey also must be placed for adoption after finishing the service.

And as Hailey and her old trainer were very close there couldn’t be a better place for her. So happily a generous woman named Mery made it all possible.

The stewardess named Mery made it possible to transfer the dog to her beloved owner. Thanks to the kind woman these two were able to finally reunite.

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