The future mother was so pleased that her babies would be born in a safe and comfortable place. That’s so cute!

Such a kind gesture from the family!

Meet Ficky, a rescued catty, who was taken to an animal shelter in Virgina several months ago. The two years old beauty was pregnant and the foster family which decided to take care about her, took her home without hesitation.

The only thing the future mother wanted was a safe and cosy place for her babies. And what she desired, got from her kindhearted humans. They provided the cutie with everything she needed giving her much love and attention.

Ficky was strongly connected with her foster mother named Abi, and knew she was safe and protected next to her.

All the members of the family adore the catty, who brought joy and happiness to them. After some time, Ficky gave birth to her six adorable kittens and she was so happy and excited to see her babies were all healthy and safe.
Both the mother and the kittens were feeling wonderful!

Ficky began to look after her babies and became a loving and caring mother for them.

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