The family cat helped his family make friendship with their neighbours

An amazing friendship, that began thanks to the family cat 

The “postcat” helped its owners’ community socialisation. Very few people try to befriend with their neighbours nowadays. Happily this story is unique.

The cat helped his British family make friends with their neighbours. This sweet black and white cat adores to go on single walks. And usually he comes home in the late afternoon.

And at that period he just wanted food and affection from his owners as he was tired. The owner didn’t notice the massage on the cat’s collar until he picked up the pet.

An unknown author wrote, that their cat likes to visit them. He meows outside until someone opens to door. Although the stranger became connected to the cat, he didn’t take it home, because he knew it belonged to someone else.

The animal’s owners responded to the massage and soon a sweet relationship began between the two families.

The author claims, that they don’t intent to meet their new friends. They are amazingly connected to one another.

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