The dogs are lucky enough to meet Nikita, who makes them the happiest in the world

Being human is everyone’s duty!

Meet Nikita, a kindhearted woman, who has donated her life to the dogs’ protection and never stays indifferent about helpless creatures. She saves them from danger providing with everything they need.

Many people leave their animals just in front of her garage being sure that Nikita will never ignore them.

Recently, she was informed that someone abandoned three dogs in front of her garage, and she rushed there to see what happened.

There were three adorable dogs, who immediately jumped to cuddle the woman, as soon as they realised that she was their rescuer.

The kind woman took these beauties home and gave them food and a comfortable place to sleep. The dogs were so happy and satisfied to be safe and protected.

They turned to be so friendly, loyal and playful and started a new life under the strong care of the loving woman. She provided them with everything they needed and made them the happiest in the world.

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