The cute kitten can’t stop smiling after being adopted by a loving family. That’s wonderful!

It’s the sweetest smile ever!

Look at the face of this adorable kitten and you’ll realise how happy and carefree she is in her forever family.

Everyone on social media is attracted by her cute appearance and sweet smile.
She became much happier when was adopted by a caring family.

Her name is Luke, and she is already five months old, but when she was first brought to the shelter, she was only a few weeks old.

When the family saw her, they immediately fell in love with her and since then she enjoys her best life with them.

From the first day of their meeting they became inseparable. She is so lucky to have such loving and caring owners, who give her much love and attention.

Luke is so funny, playful and energetic and she enjoys having a nice time with her siblings and almost everyone in their neighbourhood. She is everyone’s favourite and attracts all around her with her warm smile.

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