The curious cat found on the street soon got used to home life

A sweetie was able to find loving owners despite the hard start of life

A woman named Micheline living in Canada found a litter of kittens in her garage. She wasn’t able to catch them as they all escaped.

And a few days later she saw them once again, but only two of them had survived. She was able to catch them and take home.

No matter how hard she tried only one kitten was able to survive. The only remaining kitten was the red and white one.

Micheline went to animal rights group and asked for assistance.

“We took him and named Bjorf.” told one of the activists Celine Krom.

“She was unbelievably happy to be fed and hugged. When he came to our clinic he was very interested in everything, that goes on around him.”

A volunteer named Isabelle fostered him. The kitten quickly got used to home life, without being frightened he meowed loudly when he wanted something.

The cute kitten started to live in safety and coziness.

“He adores examining everything and he considers himself the ruler of the house. Bjorf is full of enthusiasm, will and courage.”

He adores attention and always wants to play.

A wild mother cat was found by the rescuers and relocated to a farm.

Now she has her own guardian, who looks after her and gives food and shelter.

Baby Bjorf became an active, fluffy cat in just a few weeks.

“He starts to purr when you touch him. He adores sitting at the window and also climbing the cat’s climbing frame. He likes to be in contact with people.”

Reaching three months Bjorf is ready for adoption.

Recently a family came to visit him and fell in love. He started to purr when they took him.

After a hard start of life Bjorf was able to find loving owners for him.

“Now he sleeps with his new owners every night and is the happiest cat in the world.”

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