The crazy donkey responded to the man’s kindness by putting on an amazing show for him

What an unexpected surprise!

Once, when Martin Stanton was walking with his camera near his house in Ireland, he spotted a cute donkey and fell in love with him at once. The man decided to socialise with the donkey and captured his attention by giving him a present and since then their friendship began.

His name is Harriet and he always gets carrots from his loving friend.

They became loyal friends and began to spend much time together. Even Martin went to the donkey’s owners and got acquainted with them. He was so impressed by their personalities and describes them as so loving and caring.

So they became inseparable from the first day of their meeting.

One day, when the man came to his lovely donkey to give snacks to him, he didn’t expect that the animal made a great surprise for him.
It turned out that Harriet has an excellent voice and sings perfectly.
When they met, the donkey began to sing for the man to express his gratitude to his kindness. It left the man speechless…

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