The brave dog, who had no chance to survive, recently celebrated his birthday. It’s wonderful!

Such a strong boy!

Meet Penny, a rescued dog, who was found in a terrible condition with no chance of survival. His mother abandoned all her puppies, but unfortunately Penny was the only one who could survive. He was given the second chance at life by a caring woman named Candice, who decided to take care about him and became a loving mom for him.

The puppy began to live with his human parents and other family pets. His mother provided him with everything he needed and gave him much love and care.

Recently, they celebrated Penny’s first birthday. The woman was so excited to see that the dog who had no chance to live, is already one year old. What a brave dog!

There are many other helpless and defenceless creatures who need our support. So be a hero for one of them and make its life better.

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