Sometimes it can be very hard to take no for an answer. Precious Bulldog is very sad when his father tells him “No”  

Staying where you are can be helpful if it benefits you.

Sometimes it doesn’t even matter if it’s good for you. From time to time, you just have to stick with your guns to let someone know you want to deal, it won’t work the way they think.

Sometimes it can be very hard to take no for an answer.

The annoyance of not being able to get your way, to do something the way you would prefer, makes a lot of people anxious. This occurs whenever a young animal is included, be it a kid, a puppy, or a canine, this is the starting point.

Or it can be amazingly amusing if you’re there, sometimes it can be a bit tricky. You just need to be more selective about the support you give to other people.

Like Louis K. “I’ve never heard a kid say, ‘No, finish what you’re doing, okay, I can wait.’

The overpowering cuteness of this young bulldog might make you laugh as he violently resists it.

I know I laughed at how sweet as well as amusing this young guy was, thinking he knew better. (Dad, let him lie in bed for a few minutes.)

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