No one knows what happened to this amazing albino squirrel, but one thing is clear. he is now safe!

This albino squirrel is gorgeous!

Meet Polly, an adorable albino squirrel, who was found and saved by some rescuers. They took the baby to Folly Wildlife Rescue, where he immediately got all the appropriate treatment, because he had a serious injury on his head.

No one one knows why this beauty appeared in such an awful condition and how he was saved, but one thing was obvious; he needed much care and support.

There are many helpless creatures in the centre, who stay under the strong care of the skilled staff, but Polly is so unique and adorable, because he is different from other squirrels with his amazing appearance.

Unfortunately, most albino animals are abandoned by their parents, because they don’t look like their siblings, but actually they are really wonderful.

So Polly will stay here until the end of his life, and will never return to the wild, because it’ll be dangerous for him.

The staff is so caring towards their adorable resident and they never put him for adoption as well. Polly stays under the strong care of the shelter workers and is provided with everything he needs.

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