Look what happened to the woman who weighted 328 kg and lost it

We are going to speak about one brave woman. Take a sit and scroll down this post.

Meet please, Ashley Bratcher, a woman, who’s life completely changed, when parents got divorced.

Everybody knows that quarrels in the family always hurts first if all children. And Ashley was a victim. Since 4 years old she ought to see hear and feel all the negative and bad sides of parent’s quarrels.

The fateful point for little girl was the moment of parents decision is that getting divorced.

She started to eat much, just felt onto depression. She couldn’t even speak with close friends. Her mother did the same. Thus 5 year old girl became heavier month by month, year by year.

She had no friends anymore. She had no hope to a better life. Once she met a guy, who’s name was Nick. It seems that they fell in love, but after the news about her pregnancy, Nick disappeared. And Ashley continued her life woth a little boy on her arms.
When she understood that there is no-one that can help her and her son, she finally got up and started to search a doctor. She did an operation on stomach and this is only the start nad main point. However, she lost around 100 kg and now feel and look much better.

We all wish her good luck. Write your comment for her below.

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