He definitely deserves this title! The therapy dog ​​was provided with an honorary degree by the university

Therapist dogs can be invaluable partners for those in need.

Not only do they provide medical as well as emotional assistance, but they make wonderful, loyal pets as well that are always there when you need them most.

So, after this dedicated servant puppy stayed close to his master until high school, the school made a decision that he deserved a lot of praise.

Brittany from North Carolina is wheelchair-bound and agonizes from complex regional pain syndrome. She was an ideal candidate for the role of a service dog and received it several years ago under a special program.

When they premier time met, she knew he was the ideal one; “Some dogs were afraid of the wheelchair,” she said. “Griffin jumped into my arms and started licking my face.”

Griffin appeared in her life just at the moment when she was about to face a new challenge: to get a master’s degree from the university.

The dog proved to be worthy, attending all of Brittany’s classes as well as supporting her with tasks such as opening doors and delivering supplies. He was also a comforting fellow in times of trouble.

“With him, I felt more independent and more outgoing,” Brittany said. The two did well at Clarkson and Brittany graduated in late 2018.

The girl was certain she couldn’t do anything without her best fellow…and she knew as well that she couldn’t have fun without him.

“We went to New York together and graduated from high school together,” Brittany explained. She wanted him to get his degree, not just be around her. “I insisted from the beginning because I want Griffin to finish with me.”

All of a sudden, the university granted permission, and Griffin got the chance to go up on stage and receive an honorary degree for supporting his companion in any way he was able.

“The Board of Trustees has recognized Griffin for his absolute exertion, unwavering commitment as well as passionate love for the welfare and academic success of his fellow Brittany,” Clarkson said.

“The two completed their M.S. degrees exclusively with each other, attending all classes…totally allowing Griffin to be an even member of the Clarkson Golden Knight family.”

Brittany followed her desire to become an occupational therapist after graduation in hopes of working with the military.

No doubt she will keep her faithful fellow by her side. “He will be with me every day in case I find a job,” said Brittany. What a fitting tribute to this devoted service dog! He definitely deserves this title!

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