Bone Bone is no ordinary cat, he is a social media star and everyone’s favourite

Fluffiness and cuteness in one!

Bone Bone is a fluffy and cute cat, who lives in Thailand with his loving family. The beauty is famous on social media thanks to his fluffiness and cuteness. He has about 30k followers on Instagram, and attracts everyone with his beautiful appearance.

He likes to do many adventures with his owner, like climbing trees, playing in the garden. The funniest thing is that his integral yellow spiky backpack is always on his back.

Persian cats are known for their fluffiness, and this cutie is no exception. He is always in the centre of everyone’s attention making all around him fall in love with him.

Besides being cute and beautiful, he has a great personality. Bone Bone is so loving and caring and loves to hang out with almost everyone.

When he goes outside, many passers-by stop to cuddle with him or just take pictures, and he loves to be the center of attention.

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