An incredible story. The courageous turtle frightened two lions who came to drink the water

There are animals that are not afraid of lions and are able to scare them.

Lions are massive predators, but it turns out that there are animals that are not afraid of them and are able to scare them.

Not so long ago, a clip was circulated on the Internet of a tiny tortoise pursuing two lions out of their territory.

Barreto, a guide at the Malamala Private Game Reserve, has seen some lions go crazy over a tiny tortoise.

Two adult lions came to drink water, but the animals did not wait to meet such a courageous tortoise. The turtle began to mock the two predators.

The animal did not like this visit, and he did not give up.

Reggie thinks the lions weren’t interested in the turtle. The fact is that a family of predators has just eaten a zebra. There was some blood on their faces.

The scent of blood attracted a tiny but very annoying tortoise to the lion.

Full story here.

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