An affectionate cat can’t sleep until his owner holds his paw

A sweet friendship of a cat and a woman, who didn’t like to be alone

The owner of the cat named Jamie had to go to the nursing home and couldn’t take him with her. So because of this the cat appeared in the shelter. Jamie was transferred to the RSPCA Australia where he would spend the rest of his life.

Jamie had health problems when he arrived to the shelter. His teeth were removed, he was given cat flu treatment and also he was given medicine and special diet to assist his kidneys recover. Jamie was already an old cat and the staff of the shelter thought no one would want to adopt him, before he met Sarah Dempsey.

Dempsey lives alone and went to the shelter to get a friend for her. She didn’t plan to adopt an old cat, but after seeing Jamie she understood it must happen.

“He was sleeping when I first saw him, bur when I bent down to look at him he woke up. It seemed he wanted some pats, so I entered my hand through the slot of the enclosure and he started to purr. Then the staff allowed him to be with me and he was very loving. I knew he would help me from being alone and also I would do the same for him.”

Demosey quickly fell in love with Jamie and decided to adopt him the next day. People might consider, that an older cat would have some difficulties adjusting to a new house but Jamie knew he would be loved for the rest of his life in the house.

The owner told: “He didn’t want to leave my side, he is very affectionate and likes winding around my legs. He also enjoys talking with me at night and following me around the flat.”

Jamie’s new owner understood, that he couldn’t sleep until she holds her hand or tail.

“He wakes up, meows and then places my hand back to him if I let go. I think we are already friends.”

Jamie adores his new owner and likes spending time with her. Jamie succeeded her mission, as Dempsey wanted a friend to make her feel less alone.

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