A woman assisted a homeless cat mother to look after her special babies

Kittens, born with some health issues 

A woman named Noemi Camacho found a homeless cat next to her house. The cat came back to seek more food and water when the woman decided to take her. They quickly befriended. Earlier this month Noemi found out, that her friend was pregnant and needed help.

When the cat was near giving birth the woman immediately took her home and four kittens were born. Noemi examined the babies and found out, that one of them had twisted paw and the other had just three limbs.

The co founder of a shelter Jacqueline DeAmore told: “I saw Noemi’s post on Facebook asking for help for her friends.”

The mother cat named Nymeria was worried when she came to the shelter and allowed the rescuers examine her kittens, while she followed them.

“She’s a very attentive mother, she looks really perplexed while I’m caring for the kittens and brings them back after I’ve finished.”

Jacqueline began a physical therapy for a kitten with twisted paw named Troy. “The tendons are very short and tight, but we hope to completely develop the foot with massage and stretching.”

After a few days the kitten’s limb recovered and Jacqueline continued her daily therapy under the supervision of the mother cat.

“I can develop Troy’s paw and fingers with the help of massage, so that the poor tendons become used to proper position.” told Jacqueline.

The three legged kitten named Gunther is already walking around with his brothers and sisters.

And the lack of one leg doesn’t seem to distract him.

The cat mother is happy with her babies and likes the conditions of temporary shelter.

“She adores them and is also worried for them. At first I had to feed her in nursery sized box, because she refused to leave her children. Now she purrs and brushes against my leg when I enter. She likes scratching her chin.”

Naimeria was taken by a woman, that helped her kittens when she was in need of assistance. Her kittens were also transferred to a secure facility.

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