A two handed cat appeared on the street completely alone

A sweet cat with an unusual walking ability 

A man from Indiana was amazed when he saw an unusual cat with twisted front paws near his home. A beautiful cat with big eyes wasn’t able to walk or run correctly and it was unknown how she had survived for such a long time.

Full of kindness the man organised a ramp for the poor cat to simplify her way to reach the porch where the bowl is placed.

But as the kind man was going to move he called the shelter to inform about Roo.

Volunteers liked the cat, but they were amazed by how she was able to survive on the street and even grew a kitten, which was also taken to the shelter. But when Roo showed how well and quickly she jumps and walks, all questions disappeared.

Roo was born with such legs, so she was used to moving like this. She doesn’t consider she is different from other cats by nature and behaves just like any other cat. And also her walking looks really cute!

The cat is nice and friendly with the shelter staff and they liked her so much. All of them hope, that she will find the best owners.

Roo knows to eat, move and play on the street, but she needs some love.

We hope she finds someone, who is loving and caring.

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