A sweet black cat, that adores hiding in unusual places

The amazing ability of a cat blending with everything 

Munji acts as any other cat. He may be a little frightening and playful at times and also nice and adorable. But most of all he adores hiding.

Munji just likes finding new places for hiding when he has time. As Munji is absolutely black it is very easy for him to hide in any place as he blends with everything he sees. And as a result his family sometimes didn’t know his hiding place and is amazed finding him.

Munji’s owner Rin Kim told: “He often hides and surprises me.”

Munji adores to sleep in his cat bed. That would be normal in other cases, but as Munji blends really well, sometimes you can just see a pair of eyes looking from there.

When Munji’s eyes are closed while he sleeps in the bed it’s just impossible to tell he’s in there. But when he opens them, he looks like a paid of floating eyes in the dark and it can be a little frightening if you’re not expecting it.

Munji’s family is already used to his bulls. They just shared Munji’s photo and it became popular.

Kim told: “All of the reactions were positive. It was amazing. It was funny.”

Munji’s family is really happy, that his hiding provides them so much amusement.

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