A stray cat was lucky enough to get the second chance at life

A kind hearted woman found the cat and saved his life

As animal lovers we ignore such pet owners, who abandon their pets on the street to survive by themselves. Happily there are still kind people, who are ready to give the pets the second chance at life.

On one sunny afternoon a woman found the cat hiding under her son’s car in the parking lot . The cat was hiding from 100 degree heat and went under the man’s car to cool himself.

So to help the kitten the woman immediately called a non profit shelter in California.

Soon the rescuers came to pick the kitten up. As the cat wasn’t wild it was easy for them to pick him up.

One of the shelter workers told: “Please, someone take me. He just allowed them to pick him up and didn’t move.”

The poor cat was placed in a carrier and taken to the vet. At first they mistook her for a female, but then it was clear, that he was a male.

We considered the cat was a female because he was so malnourished and had already been neutered.

Everyone considered, that his previous owners moved and left him. They abandoned him outside and he had to survive on his own. And it was the reason for his skinniness, matted fur and bald patches.

He also had a hairless patch, that stretched to one eye. And it was discovered, that he had a bloated area on his body, which let him half open one of his eyes.

“His head was examined and we started treatment with antibiotics.”

Volunteers of the shelter Jaina and Ivy named the cat Valentino and helped him recover.

“All he desired was give someone an update and inform them he’s doing Ok. The medicines helped him a lot. He started gaining weight and strengthening his muscles and also regrew some new hair.”

We were amazed by the cat’s change in a few weeks. He befriended with his rescuers when he began to recover.

“He loves people so much. Every time we take her he just presses his face to ours and also gives kisses. He’s really affectionate.”

Valentino thanks his adoptive mother by cuddling her whenever he can.

“As we are very busy with other cats, Valentino will have to be placed in a new home. Of course it will be a really comfortable and perfect place for him. A person who is usually at home can adopt him. He will be happy to live with someone who is eager to give him a lot of attention.”

And here’s the video of his rescue.

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