A poor cat was found frozen on train tracks

A cat, that was angry for being disturbed 

A man named Coby Reid was exploring the are of a railroad when he saw a small animal, that seems to be joined with the environment.

A young cat was sitting in the middle of the track, indifferent that he was causing traffic congestion. The cat sat on his haunches with one arm draped over the rail.

The cat seemed happy, but when Reid approached he understood the animal was in a big danger. Reid and his coworker came closer to the truck and saw, that the cat couldn’t move as he was frozen to the metal rail.

The train was quickly coming to them and Reid knew he must take the cat. He covered the bobcat with his jacket and warmed him up.

The bobcat wasn’t happy for wearing a jacket.

“We stopped for a moment to decided what to do, then we called our office to ask for a hot water to help remove the kitten from the rail. Some time later our boss came with hot water.”

The first bucket or water freed the cat’s legs, but he also became irritated. “The cat was released with some persuading and additional warm water.” Reid told. “But surprisingly he refused to leave the road without a battle.”

Happily Reid and his coworker were able to release the cat just in time.

“We could finish our work with a cat just 30 minutes before the next train coming. The same train, that would have taken our little friend’s life if we hadn’t been exploring in the morning.”

Although the cat wasn’t happy for the help. Reid is delighted they were able to give the cat a second chance at life.

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