A kind dog became popular after helping the man find his siblings

A sweet reunion story after about 20 years 

The elderly man was with the street dog named Milly. And thanks to dog’s abilities the father, who hadn’t seen his family for about 20 years was able to locate them. The dog had a habit of collecting rubbish out on walks and throwing it in there.

The dog recently became popular after helping the man find his siblings.

It was known, that the man moved to Spain in the early 2000s. And after that he couldn’t find  any of his family member’s contacts.

“All of us were born and grew up in Hereford. But after some time we moved to Italy.

And my wife’s health wasn’t good and we had to move to England. And I just found out, that my sister had been searching for me all the time.”

He watched the dog’s story with the man’s sister’s husband and followed him. But locating a home of his lost sibling wasn’t easy. The man told: “When I came home one day I find my sister there.”

“And last week the three of us were able to meet and walk with her.”

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