A homeless cat is looking for a home and uses all the possible resources

A sweet cat, that jumped on the lap of a girl

After the story of her rescue became popular, a homeless cat from Salt Lake City’s streets is still looking for a home.

The little cat named Freya was wandering in a school parking lot when she saw a doctorate student Susannah Nevison going to her car.

“When I approached my car I opened the door and got in. And while I was placing my handbag in the passenger seat the small cat jumped and sat in my lap.”

Amazed and being allergic she knew she must do something to assist the cat, although she couldn’t take her home. “She just sat in my lap and then climbed up on my shoulder.”

Nevison brought Freya to the local animal services to get help for her left eye, that looked to be interfering her and she wrote her friends to see who might give this kindest cat the safe home.

Freya was examined by the staff. It turned out she didn’t have a microchip and was most likely living on her own on the streets. Happily her tough upbringing didn’t affect on how affectionate she was.

Freya is feeling well after the operation to remove her left eye, that was disturbing her and might cause a serious infection. And although her story became popular on the Internet she still looks for a forever home.

Freya is a cat, that knows what she wants and when she wants it. And she seems to like people more than other cats. She became linked with the shelter staff while she was waiting for her forever home, wanting cuddles on their laps.

“She’s absolutely adorable.” told one of the staff members.

But nothing compares a loving and safe family and we hope she will find her soon.

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