A girl brought home the heaviest and most unusual cat

The mixture of a Maine Coon and a wild cat

The girl went to the store to get a cat and took the cutest and affectionate little kitten. But after some time he started to become different.

Masha named her kitten Barsik and he was a normal cat: loving, interesting, naughty and also insatiable eater. He was absolutely healthy and his distinguishing thing was that he wanted to sleep all the time, but as all the cats enjoy sleeping Maria wasn’t worried.

But after some time she understood Barsik was growing up extremely fast, faster than other cats. At the age of one he weighed already 15 kilograms and his height was one and a half metres, which was extremely big for a cat.

And Masha took him to the vet and the doctor considered he was a mixture of a Maine Coon and a wild cat, but no one knew how it happened or where he was originated.

Maria had to buy a lot of food for her extremely big cat, bur she didn’t seem to mind, as she liked her cat very much.

The only irritating thing was the sound he makes at night, which sounds like a wolf howl.

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