A frozen kitten was revived and got the second chance in life

A poor cat abandoned in the cold 

A little orange kitten named Elsa, who hardly survived in subzero temperatures finally got the perfect home with a loving owner.

Elsa seemed to have passed away from the cold when a stranger discovered him in Denver. The kitten not only had stopped breathing, but also had really low temperature.

A shelter worker named Tim told: “It happens all the time here when dogs and cats appear almost passed away.”

Happily a woman, that found Elsa didn’t let her there and carried her lifeless body inside to warm on a heating pad. Amazingly the cat then started to liven and her rescuer took her to the animal rescue group to continue warming.

After a few hours of being wrapped in a warm blanket in the shelter Elsa started to show signs of recovery with a calm meow.

“The woman really rescued the cat’s life by taking her home and then bringing her to the rescue group. She deserved all the good things.” Tim told.

Elsa’s hardships immediately became popular on the Internet melting the hearts of nearly 3000 people, who wanted to adopt her. As she needed a full recovery a shelter worker Jim Slater decided to provide Elsa with daily foster care, but he fell in love with the amazing cat and decided to adopt her.

The shelter wrote: “Elsa’s foster parent became her permanent owner and we are happy for both of them and can’t imagine the better happy ending.”

Everyone in the shelter is happy for Elsa, but Tim can tell, that things don’t always go well with animals like her. According to Tom many animals are kept outside in the cold and he knows it because he sees it all the time.

“Elsa’s story became popular, but we can read many stories like this, which don’t have happy ending. We received many calls looking for Elsa, but there are many kittens resembling Elsa, that were discovered in the cold.” Tim told.

The Humane Society of the United  States tells, that abandoning dogs and cats outside in the bad weather is the most widespread forms of animal cruelty. People who encounter animal sufferings should call local law enforcement or animal control.

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