A cat learned to say ok when she was asked a question

An amazing cat, that likes to have a talk with her owner

A cat named Akkodha has always been an obedient cat, who answered ok to every question

When Dan Spano and his wife brought Akkodha home from the shelter they understood she was talkative. Akkodha’s previous owners returned her to the shelter, because her fur was too long. But for her new family Akkodha was a perfect match.

Spano told, that she meows and talks to him when he wakes up.

And the man started to have a talk to Akkodha and they had a perfect conversation. And after some time Spano understood, that when he asked Akkodha a question she responded ok.

@the.ok.cat 🎂 Happy Birthday Akkodha Kitty!!🎉 Technically her birthday is Nov 29th. I just forgot to post that day 😆 #fypシ #cat #catsoftiktok ♬ Walk Home – Akkodha

And the more Spano talks to his cat the more understandable her ok’s become. “And what we have now it’s a hard work lasting for years.” told Spano.

Akkodha becomes more sociable when she wants something. “She starts talking when I’m in the kitchen near her treats. She connects it with me and continues to say it all the time.”

Spano started capturing and sharing their conversations with Spano on TikTok when his wife and friends told, that kitty’s talking is really funny. Spano likes the fact, that Akkodha was able to bring joy and happiness to many people watching her videos.

“I consider it’s amazing, that we can just make people happy. They will say we need a new “ok” this week or something like “I’m sure everything will be fine when she says Ok.”

@the.ok.cat My cat says ok part 1000. Sorry for the lack of content. I just got a new job and moved my family. Put in the comments questions I should ask Akkodha. 😸❤️OK #fypシ #cat #catsoftiktok ♬ Walk Home – Akkodha

At the time when Akkodha didn’t want to talk to her father she just wants to spend some time near her family and just enjoy it. Spano described her as “absolutely affectionate.” “When I returned from work she immediately sits on my lap. She’s goes after me everywhere and touches my leg in order to get pets.”

“I can’t imagine not having a cat, especially her, as she’s become a real family member. She’s never aggressive or angry with you, on the contrary she’s always happy to welcome you after work. It’s a really good thing.”

And Akkodha is ok with that.

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