“A baby was born weighing 7.2 kilos”: The absolutely unique baby born in 1983 weighed over 7 kilos

The Nation’s biggest newborn: How has the baby born weighing 7 kg changed?

Meet Kevin Robert, an absolutely unique baby boy born in 1983 weighting 7.2 kilos and the incredible life story of whom will leave everyone speechless. It should be noted that Kevin has been regarded “the nation’s biggest newborn”.

The unusual baby boy’s mother, who actually predicted that the baby would be born relatively big like her other kids, however, didn’t expect this at all.

Once the baby was already brought home, it soon turned out that the crib was too small for him and no clothes actually fitted him.

At the age of 12, Kevin was already 150 cm tall. According to his family, it was extremely difficult to find appropriate clothes and shoes for him.

Though his parents predicted that he would succeed in sports, particularly volleyball, Kevin actually took no interest in it and his only obsessions were hunting and fishing.

Later on, the unique man joined the US Air Force and he currently works as a police officer. Now Kevin is more than 2 meters tall and weighs 136 kg at the age of 40. As Robert mentions, he is usually the center of people’s attention who often trick and laugh at him.

Currently, he has a wife with whom he happily lives in a private house with their dog.

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