Woman buries former service dog ​​with honors  

Our pets and animals bring constant joy to our lives and always make us smile.

This is the side of war dogs we don’t see frequently: their retired “civilian” life. Once they leave the service, they seem to vanish.

Sadly, they seem to have vanished from the consciousness of the military. A woman crashed into a wall when she originally intended to bury her service dog with dignity.

They seemed “out of sight, out of mind” to that soldier. Nevertheless, as this clip shows, she was a determined woman.

Apparently, Max messed up his confirmation. What is the reason? “He’s become too handsome.” Well, if there’s a good reason for being fired, then this is certainly one of them.

He carried this with him throughout his civilian life, when Pam, his mother, said that he was so amiable to everyone, even allowing strangers to hug him. Then Pam got the bad news about him. He had an incurable disease, and time was short.

Max looked like he only had three, possibly painful, months to live. Pam didn’t want him to go through with it, so she euthanized him.

It would be unfair to deal with this dog, who literally risked his life many times to find buried explosives in foreign countries.

He deserved better and he got it. Also, after many attempts, he buried him with full-service honors in the nearby graveyard, a fitting termination for the great dog.

Pam summed up Max’s life in one sentence when one of the war graveyards, rejecting to put a war dog on their land, asked why they didn’t put him in a pet graveyard.

“He was not a common pet,” she said. “He was a soldier.” Well, currently, this soldier can rest forever among the other war dogs that will join him in that place.

Max seemed like a cute dog. Pam even found another dog, named Max, shortly after her funeral.

Currently, she has a new fellow to keep her company, but her first Max will always be remembered.

We are hopeful you enjoyed the above clip. Our pets and animals bring constant joy to our lives and always make us smile.

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