When it comes to their babies, mothers do everything for them  

The love of a mother for her babies is the most powerful phenomenon on Earth without a doubt.

When it comes to their babies, mothers do everything for them.

But how this mother-to-be made up her mind to defend her unborn babies remains to be unseen. In history, like never before, a pregnant pig leaves a factory ranch in order to give birth securely.

While walking her dog in the woods close to Nottingham, England, Anna Aston was astonished to see a mother sow and her newborn babies.

In the beginning, she thought it might be feral boars, but then she rapidly understood that there were indeed pigs on the farm.

It was then that Anna realized that she was faced with a quite uncommon occurrence.

“I knew they weren’t feral pigs. “They just looked like common pigs,” she told the BBC. “I thought. ‘That’s not real.’ You don’t just take them into the woods.”

Bothered about the security of the piglets and their caring mother, Anna contacted the Brinsley Animal Salvation Service. The following day, John Beresford Beth Hughes went to examine.

“We learned that she had escaped from a pig farm which was close and had babies in the woods,” John told The Dodo.

“The kids looked good but she was slim, could graze, but didn’t search for food because she had a nose ring.”

Nevertheless, no matter how surprising it may sound, the saviors could not rescue the mother and her babies. Because Matilda, as she was named, had escaped from the farm, they couldn’t just take them to an orphanage.

“She had a motherly wish to run and rescue her babies, but we couldn’t just catch them,” John said. “After all, we needed the consent of the masters.”

However, finding the masters proved to be an almost impossible mission, so the two saviors turned to the media to rescue them. Luckily for everyone involved, the story gained popularity. The happy termination was closer than anyone imagined. But not without hardships.

In the end, after Matilda and her babies were carried back to the farm she originally fled for money, through the tireless exertion of many kind-hearted people, she and her babies found a secure location where they can live out the rest of their lives.

“Matilda and her eight babies spent their premier night out with us,” the animal savior posted on Facebook. “She’s such a caring mother to them too, currently she doesn’t have to worry about their wellbeing anymore.”

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