When her owner asks a question the cat learns to respond okay

A talkative cat with a kind heart

Akkodha has always been an obedient cat, answering OK to all the questions her father asks.

When Dan Spano and his wife brought Akkodha home from the humane society they found she was talkative. Her previous owners had returned her to the shelter as he fur was too long. But she was ideal for her new family.

“She has her chirps and meows and always talks to me when I wake up.” told Spano.

Spano started talking to Akkodha as of she were a human and the two had pleasant discussions. Than Spano found out, that when he asks a question to Akkodha she seemed to say OK.

@the.ok.cat 🎂 Happy Birthday Akkodha Kitty!!🎉 Technically her birthday is Nov 29th. I just forgot to post that day 😆 #fypシ #cat #catsoftiktok ♬ Walk Home – Akkodha

Spano’s Oks got more evident the more he talked to Akkodha and played with her. And we have gotten to where she is today just through years of hard work.”

When Akkodha wants something she becomes laud, as many cats. “If I’m near the kitchen pantry, where she keeps her snacks, she will shout out.” told Spano.

Spano started capturing his discussions with his cat and sharing them on TikTok after his wife and friends told, that their conversations are cute. Spano likes the fact, that Akkodha gained such a lot of fans and is brightening their lives.

“I think it’s great, that we can make people smile.” Spano told. “I need to hear some OK this week” or “I’m sure everything will be fine as long as she says Ok.”

@the.ok.cat My cat says ok part 1000. Sorry for the lack of content. I just got a new job and moved my family. Put in the comments questions I should ask Akkodha. 😸❤️OK #fypシ #cat #catsoftiktok ♬ Walk Home – Akkodha

When the cat isn’t talking to her owner, she is near her family for some attention. Spano described her as “unbelievably loving.” “When I sit down in my chair after returning home from work she immediately sits on my laps.”

“She’s become a family member, she isn’t angry or gloomy with you, she’s always happy and excited to meet you when you return back from work.”

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