When cat hides he is sure now one can detect him

An amusing cat, that loves to hide in various places

A cat named Keanu was saved from an industrial facility where his mother was working. At first he was shy, but after some time she has become the cutest cat in the neighbourhood.

Keanu Baker’s mother Dani Baker told: “He is shy for the five seconds he sees someone, then he becomes their best friend. When Keanu isn’t hiding, he adores searching lizards and placing them in his father’s shoes, gym bad, work bad and so on.

Although Keanu is very friendly one of his beloved hobbies is hiding wherever he can fit. He adores locating things in peace. Keanu considers he’s a professional in hiding, but his skills need to be improved.

Baker told: “He hides in different places. He becomes inventive depending on the place that surrounds him. But it’s always in the same room as his father. We joke, that Keanu is always following his father and keeping an eye on him.”

Keanu can always find a funny place to hide, whether it’s behind a table or an open dishwasher. Although his family can always detect him in his hiding place, he seem to be unaware or this. He thinks he is completely hidden.

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