“Unbelievable connection” Two homeless cats were wandering the street and even after being saved they don’t want to be separated

Sweetness of the brother and sister cats

Two streets kittens were found in Canada by a family being leftover by their mother. They were very little at the time and were looking for food and protecting one another. They needed help and also a place to live.

A local animals rights activist named Stephanie saved the kittens and took them to the shelter where they had a second chance at life. Then the kittens were taken to the vet for an examination.

And from the beginning the sister and brother kittens were absolutely linked.

And just after they were covered in towel in a small double burrito, they relaxed.

And when they are together there is no one happier. The grey girl named Kali is the courageous of the two, while the red haired boy named Gusto adored doing the same as his sister does.

“They have transferred into their permanent home and are overjoyed to be able to run around and have fun.” told one of the shelter workers.

The kittens quickly learned to eat solid food and got used to domestic life.

They did many tricks in the house like little intruders.

“They are sweet, friendly and loving. They are unbelievably similar although their characters are completely different. Kali adores hugging humans and meeting new people.”

Her brother is shy and peaceful, but she is very active, courageous and friendly.

When they aren’t running around the playing in the house they like to sleep next to their owners.

Brother and sister are very happy to have caring owners and forever home after living on the street and protecting each other.

And also they have gone through all of the things together and are ready for the next adventure-moving to forever owners.

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