This couple adores their dogs so much that they made them play important roles in their wedding

Two adorable dogs cheered up the guests of their owners’ wedding.

Dogs are considered people’s faithful friends, who are always by their side in every situation. So this couple loves their dogs so much, that they gave them important roles in their wedding. They became the best man and maid of honor on that day. And can you imagine how amazing the photoshoot was?

The two loyal animals played their roles perfectly and stayed next to their owners till the end.

The guests were attracted by them, and they smiled all day thanks to the great efforts of the cute dogs.

The beauties filled the couple’s day with much fun and happiness. They did their best to make the wedding unforgettable not only for the attendees but also for many people on social media.

The couple adores their dogs so much, that they wanted to celebrate their wedding with them, and showed everyone how important their roles are in their lives.

They enjoy being together all day and can’t imagine their lives separately.

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