This chatty parrot activates Siri on iPhone and communicates for a long time  

The Kiwi parrot has an adorable talent for activating Siri on iPhone.

An iPhone was put on an ashy sofa, and Kiwi stood on top of the device.

He has almost the same size as a phone, and his cute green and yellow feathers contrasted sharply with the black screen. Then Kiwi said: “Hi Siri, yes you are Siri,” and the phone switched on.

The iPhone didn’t understand what he said next, but it was incredible to see that Kiwi could permanently activate it. He stood by the phone and his eyes were open.

Kiwi’s beak moved speedily as he spoke without a stop. His feathers danced over the screen as he patted the phone playfully as well as tenderly. Siri still couldn’t understand what he was saying.

From time to time, Kiwi also imitated the loud activation of the phone. It was an uncommon skill that could confuse people who didn’t know that the noise was being made by the barracks.

After some time, Kiwi took a break and left the phone. He must have thought about what to do. Then the iPhone was propped up like a mirror, and Kiwi could admire his reflection.

Kiwi spoke to the iPhone, and Siri turned on again. He was never able to get the phone to go through activation, but at least he could have quite a long conversation.

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