They find their dog playing in the snow and his inventive play makes everyone laugh  

This Pooh swinger knows how to have fun.

One day when he goes for a walk, his master uses a camera to record his pet’s fun so we can enjoy it.

The initiating dog begins to “glide down” with a significant arch of the back.

Adult or not, this intelligent dog still knows how to invent winter amusement, and have fun like a puppy.

And the most amusing thing about it all is the way he’s on all fours, his tail sticking straight up into the sky as he runs down the slope.

The dog is playing on the snowy hill. The dog finds his new game amusing. When he reaches the foot of the slope, he flies back down the slope to start sliding again.

It brings back fond memories of kids sledding on a beautiful snowy day.

Let’s hope this playful dog comes home from a walk bloated as well as joyful with a treat from his cheerful masters.

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