These funny cats didn’t expect their owners to arrive earlier and got caught in awkward situations

The owners discovered what their cats were doing in their absence.

Many of you want to know how your cats behave when you are not at home. They may lie patiently waiting for you to arrive, or they may play with their toys, but sometimes they do mischief without expecting their owners to catch them.

Cats are curious animals and take an interest in everything around them, even things they are not allowed to touch.

Here are some crazy cats who were shocked to see their owners watching their activities. Their facial expressions will make you happy.

Brenda wanted to try these shoes and they fit her so well, yes?

Look what the internet did me!

Aren’t you asleep?

Hi, have you been here for a long time?

Sorry, we didn’t mean to do that!

Hello, human!

I just want to hug her!

I want to check whether you are gone or not.

I think I’m too dirty!

It’s fine that you came earlier, we wanted to talk.

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