The stray dog was found in an awful condition, and how he looks now, will make you speechless

What an incredible transformation!

Once the rescuers of the Clinton Animal Hospital found a helpless dog on the street, whose condition was terrible.

The staff was shocked to see the poor animal with such an awful appearance: his fur was burnt and it was difficult to find its eyes, nose and mouth. It was the worst case the rescuers had encountered and they needed to act fast.

It’s really incredible, but the workers spent 4 hours to remove his fur and they threw 15 pounds of hair away.

After it, the dog’s face became noticeable and he looked so beautiful!

The staff called him Pat and thanks to their great efforts the cutie is now healthy and strong. He is everyone’s favourite in the clinic and is loved by them. He enjoys getting a lot of cuddles from the workers.

Pat is a playful and active boy and makes everyone around him happy.

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