The small kitty didn’t trust anyone after being abused then one day she showed love for her owners

Caring and tolerant approach to the cat that was frightened of people

Any animal would grow scared after being abused. Our today’s story is about a kitten, that felt a lot of pain in her life. She was so much frightened that she stopped communicating with anyone.

The poor kitten climbed onto the closet after being found. She decided to love, sleep and eat there, but the owners were discontented.

Taisiya saw a post on the Internet about the cat. She and her husband weren’t afraid of the cat’s natural challenges.

The “difficult” kitten was adopted by the couple. She hid beneath the table for a long time and was afraid to come out. She was frightened by every sound and because of stress her hair was falling in clumps. And this continued for a year.

And happily the couple didn’t give up, they decided to love the animal and trust would come after some time. And they were right! The cat started to show affection to people one day…

The cat is so much domestic and obedient, expect for the fact, that it may bite a person’s finger during a game. Although the transformation is amazing.

And that’s the perfect example of a tolerant and caring approach.

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