The sick cat wanted to have a loving home more than anything else, and he finally achieved his goal

The cat with many health problems now enjoys his best life.

Potato is a cute cat, who had a difficult life because of many health problems, that he had since his birth. But he never stopped struggling and finally got what he deserved.

The cutie was abandoned and had to wander on the streets until Massachusetts Society of Cruelty to Animals rescued him.

He is smaller in size compared to other cats, but he is so kind and friendly.

One of the rescuers decided to look after him for a while, until he would find his forever home, and took him home.

After some time he was adopted by a caring family and became happy and carefree. He got everything he deserved. His owners gave him much love and attention and Potato became the happiest in the world.

There are three other cats in the family, with whom he shares a strong bond.

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